Phonics With English E.Teach

‘Phonics with English E.Teach’ ran from 1st to 30th June, 2020. The daily videos covered the phonic sounds of each letter of the English alphabet through fun, child friendly videos made in Marathi. The various phonic sounds of a different letter of the alphabet was explained every day.
We used our connections with a vast network of Municipal and Zilla Parishad school teachers over WhatsApp, to reach students who wanted to learn the correct pronunciations for English letters and words, and were stuck at home due to the Covid-19 lockdown.
Every day, the parents and teachers would receive a WhatsApp message in English and Marathi from us, with that day’s video link.
At the end of each day, the parents and children would share videos of their child learning English through our Phonics video of the day and answering that day’s questions. We have received thousands of such videos from parents and children.
We couldn’t have anticipated how widespread this ‘WhatsApp Movement’ would get- with our YouTube videos reaching over 3 Million Views!
Instructions : Watch the video playlist for each letter to learn Phonics with English E.Teach.

Letter-A (6 Videos)

Letter-B (3 Videos)

Letter-C (3 Videos)

Letter-D (4 Videos)

Letter-E (6 Videos)

Letter-F (4 Videos)

Letter-G (4 Videos)

Letter-H (3 Videos)

Letter-I (4 Videos)

Letter-J (4 Videos)

Letter-K (5 Videos)

Letter-L (4 Videos)

Letter-M (3 Videos)

Letter-N (4 Videos)

Letter-O (7 Videos)

Letter-P (4 Videos)

Letter-Q (4 Videos)

Letter-R (3 Videos)

Letter-S (6 Videos)

Letter-T (4 Videos)

Letter-U (5 Videos)

Letter-V (3 Videos)

Letter-W (6 Videos)

Letter-X (4 Videos)

Letter-Y (5 Videos)

Letter-Z (5 Videos)